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At Pull Pitch Apparel we offer a variety of high quality and engaging wears. From our Modern Warrior Line to Dem Buttocks there is a great chance you’ll find the perfect attire to set you and your style apart from the mundane. 

About Pull Pitch

Pull Pitch Apparel is a special operations aviation veteran brand dedicated to celebrating the thrill of military aviation, freedom and the true American spirit, as well as all things Warrior. In rotary wing aviation, to “pull pitch” means to increase the blade angle of the rotors so the aircraft will being to climb or speed up. Pulling pitch is the term most commonly used to indicate the start of a mission or the action taken to get our freedom fighters out of danger.

Members of the Pull Pitch Apparel team have flown as fixed and rotary wing pilots and aircrew in dozens of countries, numerous conflicts, in support of every possible mission set, and for multiple services branches.